The Long Term Effects of Childhood [t]rauma w/Dr. Reba Peoples

Have you thought about why you feel like an imposter in your business, hesitate to charge your worth, or look for validation rather than trust yourself?

Mental health matters.

Our experiences impact us, and if not appropriately addressed, they can be more detrimental than not. We must have conversations about what matters: you.

Your health and well-being should be a top priority. It’s time we address the elephant in the room the world paints mental health to be. 

Reba Peoples is a board-certified psychiatrist, functional medicine practitioner, and Imara Health and Wellness founder. As a psychiatrist, she recognizes the importance of identifying and understanding the impact history, culture, and neuroscience have on the perspective of how we view and navigate the world. Listen as she and Attorney LaConya Murray discuss various aspects of mental health, debunk taboo beliefs, and acknowledge the underlying roots of certain mindsets that don’t serve our highest purpose.

Today's episode covers:

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