How Nostalgia Cosmetics Lost Their Trademark


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Only registered trademarks can protect you from experiencing the entrepreneurial tragedy of having to rebrand due to the lack of protection for your intellectual property. An LLC does not protect your brand. Owning the domain name does not guarantee you a win in a case of infringement. The Legal Tea of the conflict between Nostalgia Cosmetics and Nosta Beauty is a prime example of why it is so important to protect your brand using  registered trademarks instead of relying on “first use, first serve” stipulations.  

Downsides to waiting to register:

  •  Someone can file and register same or similar trademarks as yours 
  • May have to rebrand to avoid infringement 
  • May need to litigate to keep your brand 

Listen as Attorney LaConya Murray serves up some Legal Tea while explaining why it is so important to make protecting your brand a priority. 

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