Huge Ass Beer Has A Giant Trademark Problem

Nicholas Karno, Inc. filed for trademark protection of the Huge Ass Beer mark in 2013 after using the mark in commerce since 1996. His beer became well known because of the gigantic 32 oz container the beer is sold in. According to Karno, the infringement began after a business relationship went south. At which time the Olano family began selling Gaint Ass Beer in several of their business establishments. Talk about petty.

Today’s top 3 takeaways

1. Trademarks protect not just same but also similar marks

2. Conduct a trademark clearance search before you commit to a mark

3. Conduct a trademark clearance search even if you’re only doing business in your state. Remember federal trademark protection covers all of the United States

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If you have a registered trademark and you want to make sure no one is infringing on your mark, let’s look into monitoring your trademark. 

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