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Join Genius Insider, An Exclusive Members-Only Legal Subscription to Launch, Grow, and Protect Your Brand

Gain access to legal and business resources by LaConya Murray, licensed brand attorney and business mentor.

The Genius Insider program is one of the best and most cost-effective investments in legal services for a small business. By offering consultations, document review, and discounts on IP filings as services included with the program, The Genius Insider demonstrates the commitment made by Murray Law Group to build long-term, substantial relationships with entrepreneurs. Not only are the business and IP legal services available, but also the opportunity to gain from the experience of the senior partner, LaConya Murray, Esq, in an informal mentorship capacity. Great service, great savings, and great advice, this program offers it all!
Barrett Vaughan
Genius Insider Member

Let's face it - running a business is hard when you don't have the support you need to take it to it's full potential.

You’ve gone down the YouTube rabbit-hole of binge-watching “how-to” videos to improve your business. You’ve downloaded free, questionable Microsoft Word templates on Google to write your Service Agreements – and still have no clue of what should be inside. You’ve heard the horror stories of business and legal woes from other entrepreneurs and know that you have to be proactive and not reactive to protect your business. You’re in a place where having a trusted advisor is a must have and not just another line item on your  wishlist.

But how can you make it happen?

And THAT is exactly where the Genius Insider program comes in.

The Genius Insider is an exclusive legal subscription program that gives you monthly access to business-building, brand-protecting resources. Designed with growing entrepreneurs and business owners in mind, the Genius Insider creates an opportunity for you to leverage the experience and expertise of Attorney LaConya Murray so you can have the confidence and tools you need to launch, grow, and protect your business.

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Curious? Here's what's inside:

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Enrollment is open for a limited time only for a select few ambitious entrepreneurs who are committed to building better businesses. Apply today to for the opportunity to secure your slot.

Monthly Membership

$ 247

Quarterly Membership

$ $675
 every three months

Yearly Membership

$ $2500
per year

Annual Subscription

$ 4999
  • Free Consultations
  • $1925 Trademark Registrations
  • Free Document Review
  • Access to Pre-drafted Contract Templates
  • 50% off Other Legal Services
  • Monthly Masterclasses

About Your Facilitator

LaConya Murray is an intellectual property maven and entrepreneur advocate empowering high achieving professionals and creative masterminds to protect their brand and own their genius. 

Over the last eight years, LaConya has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs secure their brands through her legal services, business consulting, and online courses. She has also written books, done speaking engagements, and launched her podcast and YouTube channel to educate her community on how to legally safeguard their ideas, brands and businesses.

LaConya is here to help you build and protect the brand of your dreams with confidence and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Genius Insider is for service providers and e-commerce merchants who want to be proactive in building, growing and protecting their business and brand.  If you are an entrepreneur who understands the benefits of having an attorney on your team and looking for a network of entrepreneurs to build relationships with, the Genius Insider is for you.

Prevention is the name of the game. The best time to join the program is before you make a mess of things yourself, whether intentional or not. Besides, one of the great perks of being an Insider is the benefits increase over time. Benefits such as Insider pricing (30% discounted legal services) don’t kick in until after sixty days of membership and free trademark clearance search is available after 180 days.

The Genius Insider uses our signature G.E.N.I.U.S. framework to provide value and structure to our members. The program covers business planning, mindset, creating systems and processes, marketing, sales, branding, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, pricing, and more.

You may cancel at anytime, however there are no refunds. Your membership will be cancelled at your next billing cycle.

The Genius Insider was created to provide basic legal protection and business consulting for your business. As a member you can ask legal questions, business questions, and have an attorney review your business-related contracts. More intensive legal and business matters may require additional services that can be provided at discount rate for Insiders.

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