My Plan for a Successful 2024

Welcome back to the Own Your Genius podcast! In this episode, Attorney Murray dives into a candid discussion about the transition from 2023 to 2024. She reflects on her unconventional approach to the new year, sharing insights into the power of revisiting old plans and adapting them to align with personal and professional growth. 

Tune in for a thought-provoking and motivational episode that encourages a holistic approach to personal and professional success. Attorney Murray’s unique perspective and practical insights provide a refreshing take on setting goals, planning for the future, and celebrating wins in the ever-evolving journey of entrepreneurship.

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The Own Your Genius podcast is the perfect mix of business, law, and mindset to help black entrepreneurs succeed in business and life.

Join Attorney LaConya Murray each month as she and guest share their entrepreneurial journey, tricks of the trade, and their secrets to getting out of their own way to succeed.

Inspired by her grandmother, the community bootlegger Attorney Murray‘s passion for helping entrepreneurs started early. Today she helps entrepreneurs throughout the country protect their brand, content, and ideas through trademarks, copyrights, and business development.


Until next week, keep building your business, growing your brand, and owning your genius!


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Episode Transcript

Welcome back to the Only Genius podcast where we discuss building businesses, growing brands and what else? Only your genius. I’m your host, Attorney LaConya Murray, owner of Off The Mark IP Solutions. Off the Mark is a boutique intellectual property firm representing innovative entrepreneurs aka geniuses who are looking to protect their brand and grow their business with ongoing legal support and business mentorship. We have a good one for you today, so let’s get started. 

Happy New Year, Geniuses! It’s been a week since we last connected, so I wanted to wish you all a belated Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy Kwanzaa. I’m back with another episode of the Own Your Genius podcast, and I must warn you, this episode might be a bit scattered. I have a lot on my mind, and I want to share some thoughts about the past year.   

I usually don’t reflect much on the previous year, but this time, I’d like to hear about your 2023 and how it went. Personally and professionally, I’ve started checking in with myself regularly. Last year, I noticed many influencers doing end-of-year recaps, and one, in particular, inspired me by breaking it down not just by year but by month. I found it intriguing, so I incorporated this approach into my routine.  

Often, as a new year begins, people embrace the “new year, new me” mindset and start fresh. I’ve been guilty of that too. However, instead of creating a new plan for 2024, I revisited an old prosperity plan I drafted six years ago in 2018. Upon reviewing it, I realized it was influenced by others’ opinions, not reflective of my true goals.  

So, I rewrote the plan, aligning it with who I am now as a business owner and individual. This shift comes with age, experience, and self-awareness. I extended the timeline from five to two years, considering the progress I’ve already made. Unlike my usual habit of creating plans and forgetting them, I adopted a proactive approach.

I embraced the principles from the 12-week year, breaking down goals into quarterly focuses with specific action steps. Since last summer, I’ve regularly reviewed my plan, created weekly to-do lists, and focused on short-term objectives. This way, I’m not starting anew with each year, but rather building on a continuous journey toward my long-term goals.   

Another change I made was curating my social media experience. I observed too much drama on platforms like Facebook, so I became intentional about the connections I maintained and unfollowed accounts contributing to negativity. Your timeline should inspire, motivate, and bring joy, not frustration or negativity.  

Lastly, I encourage you to celebrate your wins, both personal and professional. Reflecting on my 2023, I’m proud of the milestones achieved, especially in mindset control. By creating a positive mantra, I reduced negative thoughts significantly, enabling me to handle challenges more effectively.  

Remember, personal wins are the foundation for professional success. Take care of yourself, set personal goals alongside business goals, and keep your promises to yourself in 2024. Let’s focus on what’s going right as we navigate the challenges ahead. 

Let’s take this conversation over to the Markedlegal Community. I want you to share this episode with three people and have them meet you there. But you know what to do before you go. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and rate the podcast. Until next week, I want you to keep building your business, growing your brand, and owning your genius.