How to Protect Your Podcast

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Podcasts are increasingly growing in popularity. According to nealschaufer.com 33% of Americans listen to podcast and 45% of podcast listeners have a household medium income of $250,000 or more. This explains why more businesses are choosing this medium to share their content. 

If you are starting a podcast or already have one, don’t miss this month’s episode of Murray’s Law. Attorney Murray will give you the inside scope on what you should know about podcasting from a legal standpoint.

3 Legal Points to Consider When Launching Your Podcast: 

1. Trademarks- Just because you don’t see your podcast name doesn’t mean it’s available.

2. Contracts-  Successful podcasters work with other people to make the magic happen. From guests, sponsors, and co-hosts, make sure you have the proper rights and releases to launch worry-free.

3. Copyrights- Do you really own the rights to your cover art, logo, and intro music? 

Download the full checklist below.


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